Swimming in Chocolate Pudding

Have you ever woke up on a Monday morning feeling content and ready to tackle a new week. I know what you’re thinking. MONDAY? Is he serious?

I understand your confusion but you see, despite the seemingly undying trials and setbacks coming our way on a day to day basis, there are those moments when, for some bewildering reason, “everything is right with the world.” You’ve achieved some goals, you’ve experienced some success, you have a plan for the future (if only for the very near future), and you’re all-in-all happy with the way things are going.

It’s times like these that need to be cherished. Don’t let them pass you or your business by. Share your success and happiness with those who have helped make things the way they are today. I’m speaking of family members, friends, partners, and employees. Also, don’t forget yourself. You’ve had a lot of help along the way, but without you, the feeling you’re experiencing doesn’t exist.

Appreciate the feeling, but also remember that it will soon dissipate if you are not prepared for the next twist that life is going to throw you. You may think that diving into a pool of pudding is refreshing and tasty at first. However, without a disciplined plan to return to normal circumstances, you may end up trying to eat your way out of the muck.

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