Defining Moments

Most of us can look back at our lives and pin point at least one, if not more, time or instance that completely changed the way we view ourselves and our goals and aspirations. For some, it may have been a very low point, a time when you had hit rock bottom and were left with only two choices, give up or grow up. Others may have experienced some glorious breakthrough or accomplishment. And yet, others may have simply had a spark or idea that stemmed and blossomed into a complete overhaul of their entire being.

Whatever the case may be for you, it’s vital that we remember the importance of these instances in keeping motivated to do what we’ve set out to accomplish. A widened perspective of why we do what we do always brings renewed energy and fervor to continuing doing it.

I decided when I was very young that I wanted to raise a righteous family and help as many people in the world as I possibly could. This is my whole desire in life. It is strong and it burns within me. However, when the mundane tasks of my daily work and life start to turn me into somewhat of a robot, it takes a conscientious effort on my part to remember back to the time(s) when I decided how I wanted to live my life. Each time I do, the fire is rekindled and somehow the motivation to grow, become better, and help others is increased.

A popular leader in my church once said, “Decisions do determine destiny.” Each day brings us opportunities to decide, to choose our fate and determine our destiny. Maybe today can be one of those “defining moments” for you. What will you decide?

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