Giving NOT to Receive… and Receiving

Giving and ReceivingBeing that it is Christmas time, I’ve been putting some thought into the idea of giving and being generous with all that we have. To me, this is the entire premise of the Christmas holiday. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ whom the Father gave us as a Savior. The 3 wisemen brought gifts for the babe as a symbol of their gratitude for what the Father had given us and for what Christ would soon give all of us when he suffered for our sins and sacrificed his life on the cross.

If everything that Christmas is based on is about giving, why do we also RECEIVE so much during this time as well? The other day one of my friends asked if he could borrow my truck to haul a couch. I said that’s fine and he came by to pick up the keys. I told him to leave the truck in the driveway when he got finished and to place the key under the doormat.

When I woke up in the morning, I was happy to see my truck parked in the driveway just as it had been the day before. I was more than happy just to find that nothing bad had happened. However, I wasn’t done receiving yet. When I got in my truck to go to work, I turned it on and noticed the fuel needle was all the way to the top… past the full line, more than was in it before it left the drive way the day before.

The point here is that giving is a principle. Though it may seem like an oxymoron, to give means that soon you will receive. It ALWAYS works this way. In business, in families, in relationships, in life, to give is to receive. The best part about giving and not expecting the return, however, is the always pleasant surprise… like Christmas morning.

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  1. Amy Russell says:

    What a beautiful Christmas message, Joe!! My heart is full after reading and pondering the symbolism of not only the 3 wisemen, with it’s example of giving, but the ultimate gift of the Atonement through the birth of our Redeemer… Thanks for instilling those feelings through your writing. Truly, the giver is ALWAYS more blessed (in every way) when a gift is given with love for the Savior and the recipient. (Mosiah 4:19-20!) Love you, Joe!

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