Praise is the Fuel of Any Business

Praise is one of the most empowering gestures you can afford an individual. Not only does it promote confidence and self worth, but it has the ability to switch a mood for the better faster than any other thing.

You may feel like, as the leader of an organization or business, that it is your duty to be hard nosed and demanding at all costs. However, it is also your duty to praise. It is your duty because without it, your business will not be around very long.

A man without praise is like a chain without oil. Eventually, it will get worn out and dry. If you let it go too long, it takes more and more effort to turn the wheel with the rusty chain and in the end it will break leaving you stranded and looking for a new way to propel your vehicle.

Everyone deserves praise whether they are the highest producing asset of your company or the $10/hr receptionist. By finding things to praise others about, they are more receptive to teaching and reproving at times. They will take your advice to heart and do the best they can to change because they know you respect and recognize all the good things that they do.

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2 Responses to Praise is the Fuel of Any Business

  1. Rae Mangum says:

    You make me proud to be your Mother. I so agree with your way of thinking. Love you so very much. Mom

  2. Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

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