Bad Timing

Is it just me or is it inevitably true that every single time you get sick it happens to be the absolute worst possible day/week/weekend to be out of commission? I remembered on Wednesday that my favorite band of all time was playing a show in Tucson the next day and we decided we would go for a Pre-New Years celebration. Then, the next day, we would celebrate New Years Eve with family and friends at the Jimmy Eat World concert at Tempe Town lake, stay up late, and wake up early to hike Camelback Mtn. on Saturday and then sleep the rest of the day.

This was supposed to be my “much needed” break from work and everyday life for the past several months. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I woke up Thursday morning with the worst head cold ever. I forced myself to go to the concert on Thursday, had zero fun (I mean, my head was already pounding even before the concert), and then was knocked out for the entire rest of the weekend. Of course, I wake up Monday morning as fit as a fiddle just in time to start a new work week.


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