Hiccups, Where’s the Cure?

hiccups for 22 months (Christopher Sands)

Oddly enough I have had a regular occurrence of bad hiccups lately that have been virtually impossible to drown. I must have some sort of allergy to hiccups because when I do get them it’s not just the “oh that’s so cute you have the hiccups” kind of hiccups that my wife loves to get. These are the kind that violently shake your entire body and after about 5 you feel like the next one might force something out of you.

This may be something that is just infecting the males in our household as Drogba (our beagle puppy) has been experiencing the “tummy jumps” since the first day we got him. He’ll usually go through a small round every other day or so. It makes me feel bad for him as well because I can feel it in me every time it happens.

So, now the all important question, WHY is there not a cure for this horrific disease? You see and hear about different ways that others use to take care of the occasional outburst. This website even gives 13 techniques that you may or may not have heard about. Here’s what I’ve tried:

  • Drinking water upside down (from the other end of the glass so it pours into the roof of your mouth)
    • Result: very little success
  • Holding my breath
    • little to no success EVER!!
  • Drinking LOTS of water
    • sometimes works depending on the severity of the hiccups
  • Holding my breath and drinking as many gulps of water as I can without taking a breathe (you need at list 15 gulps before breathing)
    • This was my normal “go to” method that used to work every time up until a few weeks ago.

So now that my fall back approach is starting to fade in effectiveness, what else can I do? What are some of the ways that you get rid of hiccups? This is my last ditch effort before I break down and see a doctor about it!!! (joke) I should just count my blessings and be grateful I’m not as bad as the guy in the picture above. Apparently he had the hiccups for 22 months in 2009!

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