Why the Groundhog?

groundhogSo it’s Groundhog Day. Glory glory hallelujah (sarcasm)! What a waist of a holiday. You don’t get off school or work. There’s no gifts and no fireworks. There’s not even a reason to eat more than usual on any particular type of food.

Yes, about the only thing you can hope for from this holiday is the possibility that a rodent will tell you it’s going to warm up soon and maybe a movie night with Bill Murray. Even then, who wants to see Bill Murray replay the same scene fourteen times in a row (it’s actually not that bad of a movie… #imjustsayin)?

Not only is this a rip off of a holiday, it’s just weird that we use a groundhog as the iconic figure of the day. How doe’s a flippin rodent seeing his shadow have anything to do with whether or not Spring will come one month earlier than it usually does. Last time I checked, there were set days that mark the ends and beginnings of each season.

Can’t we come up with a better way to determine if it’s cold outside? A thermometer? Maybe even just go outside and see if it’s cold? If we’re going to use a groundhog, why not take to a pile of wood and let it live up to it’s name as a “woodchuck?” If the wood pieces are frozen together and the woodchuck can’t chuck the wood… might be a good indication that winter is going to last as long as it usually does.

I don’t know… what do you think?

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  1. Rae Mangum says:

    Interesting point of view 🙂

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