I’m Afraid You May Not Like This

fearWhat makes fear so detrimental, in many cases, is that it holds you back, even if only for a moment, from doing what you truly feel is right. Fear is like trying to start a fire with wet wood. The wood’s potential is to burn and offer heat, light, and aid in preparing food. However, the water dowses any chance the wood had to catch flame. So how do we dry out the wood. How can we eliminate fear to enable us to accomplish the things that we are burning inside to do?

I can tell you with complete honesty that I did not write yesterday. I sat at my computer for at least 20 minutes deciding whether or not to write down some thoughts I was having. What stopped me was fear. I was afraid that my thoughts weren’t well developed enough to make sense to anyone but myself. I didn’t want to publish something that another would see that wasn’t “good enough” in my mind. So I didn’t write. I can also tell you that I felt the exact same way today. However, you’re reading this confirms that for some reason the outcome was different.

What was different? Why are there words here for you to read today when yesterday brought forth nothing? Everyone seemingly must learn for themselves how they best conquer fear. For me, however, I simply move forward.The fear is still there but by stepping in the ring and “just doing it,” I find the fear begins to subside. When I am asked to speak in public, I am terrified for an entire week before with the climax coming on the day of the event. As I start to speak, the fear slowly fades and by simply giving the message I have prepared in fear, my worries dissipate.

I’m convinced it can be the same for many. We needn’t run from our fears. They are not going to go away. The key is that when they come, acknowledge that the fear is there and move on with your agenda. Write that blog post. Call that friend you’ve been thinking about. Make that sales pitch to the biggest client you will have ever had. Start that project you’ve always wanted to do, but have always doubted you could. Don’t let fear foretell your future. That’s your job.

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  1. Rae Mangum says:

    You never seemed to have had any fear to me. I thought that was why we have been to the hospital so many times with broken wrist etc. 🙂

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