Family Update

Well it seems like forever since I’ve written anything on my blog… it’s because it HAS been forever! I couldn’t believe it when I looked at the last post date and realized it was 2 days more than 2 years ago. LOTS has happened since then and that is an understatement!

Royalty Rentals has come a long way and we’re continuing to grow and add new inventory to our arsenal. Two months ago we moved into a new office down the road at 561 E. Elliot Rd. Suite 168. If anyone is ever in the area you should drop by and say hello. We love walk-in visitors!

My oldest brother John is engaged and getting married on the 3oth of this month and Kylie and I are excited to pay a visit to St. Johns for the reception and a few weeks later for the 24th of July celebration (always a good time).

Patricia graduated and is now working in Gila Bend on a welding project for a big company. She just got a new cat and named it “Tig Rig.” Cool name, I thought. Apparently it has reference to a particular type of weld that they do.

Heeder graduated as well and is selling pest control in Geneva IL. Mike and Ganes recruited him and Cody out for the summer before he does a semester of school at CGCC and puts in his papers.

Kylie has girls camp this week so she’s been preparing like crazy for that. They called her to be the ward camp director and she has been working tirelessly to make sure everything goes well and everyone has a good time. She’s excited to get up there and be with the girls… I’m not as thrilled 🙂

Tatum and Collin are waiting on a new addition to the family and will find out if it’s a boy or girl in a couple of weeks. We’re excited for them!

All in all things are just great. And, since today is Father’s Day I’ll end with a quote from Kenny. Whenever someone asks him how he is doing he replies, “I’ve never had a bad day!” I think we could all learn a little something from his example. I know I can.

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