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Listen to Me

My wife would acknowledge the fact that at times I have a huge problem with paying attention. The problem is that I have a serious case of “one-track mindedness.” If I am focused on a certain task it is virtually … Continue reading

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Alone Time

It has been said that what you think and do in the time that you are alone and no one is watching is a good judge of your virtue. For some people, being alone for too long can cultivate destructive … Continue reading

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The #1 Year

Today is one/one/oneone (1/1/11). Okay so really it is supposed to be 1/1/2011 but for all intents and purposes there are 1’s across the  board. In fact, there will be an unprecedented 4 days this year where this will actually … Continue reading

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What Do You Live For?

I try to read passages of scripture every morning before I start anything whether it be from the Holy Bible or the Book of Mormon. This morning I read a verse that really jumped out at me like it never … Continue reading

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Giving NOT to Receive… and Receiving

Being that it is Christmas time, I’ve been putting some thought into the idea of giving and being generous with all that we have. To me, this is the entire premise of the Christmas holiday. We celebrate the birth of … Continue reading

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A Familiar Ring

There is something to be said about familiarity and intuition. Even amongst a crowd of thousands of talking people holding separate conversations, for some reason you are still able to pick out your name when someone says it. You direct … Continue reading

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