What Should I Do Now?

Arizona Warrior DashWe’ve all been there, you’ve reached that point in the day where you feel like you’ve finished everything you know how to do and are left wondering what should be next. Perhaps you’re stuck on a physics problem and you’ve tried everything you know about math and physics to solve the equation but for some reason just can’t come up with the answer. Maybe your business is at a standstill. Things are running smoothly but not progressing. It’s possible you may be dating someone you really like and who really likes you, but for some reason every day feels like the next due to demanding or conflicting schedules that leave you with no time for thinking of creative new date ideas.

All these describe a situation where we are literally damned in that there is a halt in progression. Stagnant water, after a while, begins to stink just like life does if we let these situations linger longer than need be. So how do you escape? What’s the key to kickstart the proverbial engine and get life moving again?

The answer has everything to do with stepping out of our comfort zone. It involves trying something new that you’ve never done before or, even better, something you never thought you could do! Like getting out of bed in the morning, it will be difficult and even painful at first, however, after a short while, you’ll find new life and added energy for whatever you’re doing.

This website is a perfect example. I had been writing down my daily thoughts on a Google doc for months. I’ve wanted to publish my own personal blog for quite some time now but had been waiting for the time and money to hire a designer to create a professional looking site that would be just how I wanted it. Oddly enough, those circumstances never revealed themselves and I was left writing and writing with no means of publication for quite some time.

I decided, one day, to take action. I opened up Photoshop and started putting shapes and images together to make this site. I learned so many things in the process and ended up creating a site that I never thought I had it in me to create. I’m not saying this site is anything to boast about, but for a guy that before had only used Photoshop to re-size images, it’s a lot. More importantly, I left the stagnant waters and got things moving and life is better now.

How can you get the ball rolling with whatever you’re stuck on? What’s something new you can try today to solve a problem you’re facing?

P.S. The picture is of me at the Arizona Warrior Dash two weeks ago. Speaking of things you never thought you could do, I wasn’t sure I could even finish this race. I actually ended up doing pretty well though. The Skyhook team ran together and we all had a blast!

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