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“Lost Job… What to Do” Guide

I, as I’m sure many of you do as well, have a couple of friends who just recently lost their job. Because they’ve lost their job, they’re left asking themselves what to do. It has been a struggle to watch them … Continue reading

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When You Know You’ve Made It

As much as I hate Apple products, mostly for reasons that follow the stereotypical “Apple Haters,” I have to hand it to a company that puts out such “cool” products on a consistent basis. My problem with Apple isn’t because … Continue reading

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The #1 Year

Today is one/one/oneone (1/1/11). Okay so really it is supposed to be 1/1/2011 but for all intents and purposes there are 1’s across the  board. In fact, there will be an unprecedented 4 days this year where this will actually … Continue reading

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Defining Moments

Most of us can look back at our lives and pin point at least one, if not more, time or instance that completely changed the way we view ourselves and our goals and aspirations. For some, it may have been … Continue reading

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Eye on the Prize

I think the cause of a lot of people (including myself) not succeeding in a given endeavor is due to a lack of vision and the correct amount of discipline to maintain that vision. In their book Conquer the Chaos, … Continue reading

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