Alone Time

It has been said that what you think and do in the time that you are alone and no one is watching is a good judge of your virtue. For some people, being alone for too long can cultivate destructive and/or damaging thoughts and intentions. However, I’m a strong believer in seeking out time apart from the influence of others.

When I am amongst other people all the time, my mind isn’t free to create, reflect, or even simply rest. I find I need just a few minutes each day completely to myself where I can let my mind ponder on something wholesome.

The time I usually choose to do this is in the morning just after my wife has gone to work and before I start my work day. I take a few minutes to read a motivating or informational book and then I sit in my office chair and just be still. I think about what I just read. I think about my relationships with others. I think about my business and how I can improve in each of these areas.

It is during these times that I often find the topic for the blog post that I am going to write  for the day. It’s how I came up with the idea for this post :). I’ve discovered that after I make the time to do this, my whole day goes better. I’m ready for the tasks and challenges that lie ahead of me during the day and I’m more at peace with myself which makes me more effective in everything I do.

I know this isn’t the way everyone should use to spark creativity and add peace and confidence to your life. Whether you are an introvert, extrovert, or anything in between, your circumstances may vary. So what do you do to give you that added energy and reflection on what’s important?

What do you do with your alone time?

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